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As a Software Engineer at envidat.ch I work to maintain an existing codebase, contribute to new feature development, and generally keep things operating through modernised deployment and best practice DevOps.

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20% workload project for mastweb.ch an ecology project that is part of WSL.

Full stack, including PostGIS database, authentication, and geospatial processing.

Vue Frontend

FastAPI Backend

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Key contributor to the Field Mapping Tasking Manager a project conceived to aid the humanitarian response to the 2023 earthquakes in Turkey/Syria.

Working on the FastAPI backend, the odkconvert processing library, and general develops and production deployment.

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The innovation team sought to transform the satellite imagery business of CGG by automating workflows and moving system into a sustainable and resilient infrastructre.

Our end goal was to produce a Google Earth Engine competitor, with added value from our expertise processing imagery. Our datacenter and processes were preparing for an influx of data on the petabyte level.

Some of the tasks I undertook as a Geospatial Python Developer:

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Natural Wonders Map

In 2017 I developed an Android application using the Python Kivy framework. The goal was to record and view natural wonders around the world - a TripAdvisor for natural wonders if you like, with value added.

Repo Link

The app has since been removed from the Play Store as it was build for an old SDK.

You can download it from here and sideload.

Terra Tools

While working as a geological contractor in Australia, I spent some of my free time developing in Python.

On a freelance project contract for TerraSearch I created a bespoke QGIS plugin for easier map registration. The tool allows users to drag-reposition raster images (e.g. geolocial maps) to align manually with topographic and man-made features (e.g. streams, boreholes), amongst other things.

Repo Link

Plugin Link

Other Open-Source Contributions


For more work you can check my Git repos or LinkedIn profile...